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Not in a creepy "from outside your window" kind of way, but through an innocent noticing, that there is a need, nay, somewhat of a gentle pining for, a big healthy injection of inspiring feel good energy coursing through your veins, over-flooding your bloodstream and seeping its way out into your daily life (no needles involved, pinky swear) Where you feel so good, that no sadistic in a suit outside no. 10, 11 or 12 can even touch your vibe. So good in fact, that no click of a remote, no turn of a page, no ping from your phone and no whisper from Pat down the road can even so much as get within 300 yards of vibe. Not a single whiff. And that is why I have chosen you, yes YOU, as an attendee to be a part of this one of a kind, totally amazing, out of this world, stunningly beautiful* well-being event, that promises to deliver that life enhancing medicine💉💓   
* these all may or may not be words that have also been used to describe moi x


10 points (and a FREE ticket) for the most creative answer as to why it has this name;

A festival? Been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt from the merch stall and outgrown it👕

But this isn't just a festival (nor is it a M&S festival) this is a community fuelled festival, within 7 rooms a popular cultural hub in Edinburgh city centre, filled to the brim of local talent, here to inspire & spoil you with;

✨Once upon a right now, a festival is being lovingly slow cooked to perfection, to take place right in the heart of the bonnie capital of Scotland known as Edinburgh, or to it's natives, Auld Reekie.





within the community, and beyond!
(full effect if you read it in Buzz Lightyear's voice)



💥 Inspiring talks

💥 Thought provoking workshops

💥 Product stalls & demonstrations

💥 Hilarious comedians

💥 Mindful movements

💥 Lip smackingly good food

💥 Alcohol free encouraged good times


💥 Hands on creative classes

💥 Panel discussions worth discussing

💥 DJ's playing funky tunes

💥 Captivating performances

💥 Eye-opening meditations

💥 Raffle prizes galore

+++ much MUCH more!


Not only that but you'll also get the satisfaction of a good night's sleep, knowing that you've done a good deed, with 100% of ticket sale profits donated to Love Po, a local Edinburgh charity doing amazing things for cancer patients and their families. Doing good for yourself is also doing good for others; win, win!🏅

Each ticket purchased promises to

Image by jim Divine

"So, why should
I attend?

You know that head lice-like itch that something has just GOT to give? Wherever you go, there's some bad news waiting for you, like a parking ticket tucked under your windshield. Whatever you do, it feels like there's doom to the left of you, and gloom to the right, there you are, stuck in the middle with this song now in your head 🎵 

Well if you look up, just up ahead there, not too far in the distance, no, wait, that's too far, pull it back... there, you'll see a bright shiny FLARE* ready to guide you back to your own shining like the f*cking sun brilliance; rays for days to melt the troubles away ☀️ 

 I'm glad you asked!


This event is for the community, by the community. It promises to deliver on that connection and feel-absolutely-bloody-fantastic energy you've been so desperately longing for these past couple years. Not only will you be benefitting from taking some time out for you and your well-being with other likeminded people, you'll also be supporting and championing local small businesses, who exist to do good for you & the whole God damn planet! (That's a whole lotta good🌍)

This festival is for you, if you've ever fought your way to the front of a bar on a Friday night wondering…"Is this it? Is this all there is?” You're thirsty for more. You want to squeeze and twist and cut open the toothpaste tube that is your life, to scoop out every last morsel and make it count 🪥

​The creatives, the self-development junkies & rookies alike. The connection & community cravers, the do gooders and the "I just wanna feel good-er." The curious, the open-minded, the good spirited and those who like to have fun! So whether you're ball deep in your own well-being journey or just tip dipping - this one is for YOU. Talking your language? Keeping reading champ 🙌

Image by jim Divine


I got's the goods

In the form of a day festival;
* 21st January 2023, 10am - 7pm
* Summerhall, Edinburgh
* 7 rooms filled to the brim with local talent, here to inspire YOU
* 100% proceeds donated to Love Po



...has been birthed into the world, kicking and screaming with excitement, with the purpose of bringing together a bunch of beautiful small local businesses, who have a product or service, which is of benefit to others, i.e. you, the attendee, to inspire you into making positive changes for yourself, to thrust upon you that, "I CAN DO ANYTHING!" attitude, to help you make YOU, your ideas, your well-being and your joy a priority, to make you feel good, to make you feel so God damn good, that all the troubles from the outside just melt away, like ice cream on a hot summer's day baby - that's how good you'll feel after at day with FLARE* 🍦🔥

FLARE* Festival gives these businesses a platform to 💥S H I N E and be their whole damn self, sharing their gifts, talents and stories with the world, creating that ripple effect of good, all whilst raising money & awareness for local Edinburgh charity, Love Po, which gives gifts and experiences to cancer patients and their families going through treatment, to put a smile on their faces and create memories during what is a difficult time.

FLARE* exists to elevate, champion and support those who are ready to grab life by the balls and create lasting change. You coming?


* boom chicka
wow wow *

🪄Summerhall, Newington

"Open minds open doors"

A vibrant cultural village in the heart of Edinburgh. A place where things happen, all kinds of interesting, wonderful and downright inspiring things.

This is the perfect venue choice for the first ever addition of FLARE* Festival, not just for the city centre location, or it's grand size with SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES (without having to turn your beds into bunkbeds) but also because Summerhall's aim is close to the heart of FLARE*; "to be a major cultural destination where audiences meet and mix and where artists and performers are inspired to make and present their best work"



I mean, who wouldn't want a piece of this pie🥧 right??

Got something interesting to bring to the table? We're all about inclusivity at FLARE*, so we want whatever you're cooking!

There are a number of ways that you can contribute to making the day even better than it's already spicing up to be🌶️🌶️🌶️

Any other suggestions, contributions or really really good ideas, can be sent to

We only have one criteria here at FLARE* and that's whatever you're selling - it's gotta be INSPIRING & of benefit to others i.e. something for their well-being, to make them feel good, to share with someone, to get their creative juices flowing all over the place (mops on hand) - anything that sparks off that "F*CK YES, I'M AMAZING" feeling (y'know the one) It can also be something that is good for our good green Mama Earth - all about the sustainability and "let's save the planet" vibes! Share your sparkly passions and authenticity with the us & the community, it's what we're all craving, and hell, what we all NEED!💖 ⬇️



Whilst most of the headline slots have been filled, there are still some spaces for you to spill out all your gooey brilliance all over the day. If you've got a business, a message, a story, a talent, a gift, or just an inspiring presence that you would to shout about to the high heaves, then we want to hear from you! Whether you're a creative, artist, yoga teacher, DJ, performer, coach, motivational speaker, photographer, nature enthusiast, activist, animal lover or just a really sound human being, we want to make space for anything and everything; the weird, the wonderful, the whimsical and the "what the f*cks!?"😛  ⬇️



As the event is not for profit, with all being donated to a fantastic local charity, any sponsor contributions would mean more money from ticket sales going to a good cause. And you'd be putting a HUGE smile on the face of a tiny wee woman, who single handily runs the show (see that face smiling below)  

Whilst I can't promise you your money will be used to cure world hunger, or get you a free photobook of really cute puppies, what Sponsors can expect, is a huge amount of exposure in the lead up to the festival, as well as on the day. Keen beans wanna find out more  ⬇️

Image by jim Divine

The bonnie brain behind the big f*cking dream

Oh, don't mind me over here, just being a legend x

I'm Nicole (Nico) the brain and the brawn behind FLARE* Festival. Local Edinburgh lass, sober queen, mindset coach, events enthusiast and social enterprise founder. I've got a big appetite for creating impact in the world and believe that starts at home. Lover of live music, sugary treats, mind blowingly good sunrises/sets, people who express themselves, hiking and Harry Styles. 

I like to amplify things that don't get the credit they deserve, praise the unsung heroes, give stages and voices, celebrate the greatness and put a spotlight on the missing.

Come have a laugh & get to know me more @nicofergie, this one, is personal.


Saw something you liked? Fancy = tickled ?🥒🥒

Then don't let the grass grow under your feet, whilst others get their finger out and use it to buy one of the limited tickets! 👆

There are only 500, that's FIVE ZERO ZERO tickets available to snatch up and be part of this first of it's kind event's to hit the streets of Edinburgh! Imagine being one of the only ones, sitting at home with your cat Percy, eating stale leftovers in front of the Hollyoaks omnibus, whilst the rest of the town is living it up with all the other go getters.


Let's face it, nobody likes 

That's why my promise to you, is that when you sign up to my mailing list, you'll only receive updates & exclusives hotter than Satan's back door after a vindaloo🔥🔥🔥
(Scouts honour!)

So, wanna be one of the first in the know of line up
announcements, giveaways and other delicious
know how?

Course you do. Sign up to my mailing list here (this is
not buying a ticket) 👇

Welcome to the party.

Pssst.. I heard through the grapevine that following @discoveryourflare is the best way to fight festival fomo

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