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A colourful street in Edinburgh at dusk with traditional architecture and people walking along the pavement

FLARE* Festival:

Summer of LOVE

🥳🪩Come party with us!*


*In a totally safe, substance-free, wholesome and connective environment. Because, spoiler alert, good
people and good vibes are all you need for a good time.


Add in a sprinkling of community chat, some summer sunshine (apologies I can't promise this in Scotland's climate xo) and a whole heap of soul fulfilling activities – creative workshops,
mindful movement, comedy shows, inspiring talks and more – and you’ve got yourself a weekend to
remember!👌 Something to keep you going when the drab reality of day-to-dayness sets in. Something to
remind you that, actually, your reality doesn’t have to be drab at all and that you have a whole
community of like-minded people to draw on.

Discover Your FLARE*s first ever summertime shindig, and it promises to bring the heat❤️‍🔥😈

So, what are you waiting for? The fun’s-a-calling☎️

The Need-To-Know💡

📍WHERE: The bonnie capital of Scotland: Edinburgh. Or to it's natives, Auld Reekie

Specifically, Summerhall in Newington. A vibrant cultural village made of magic dust and inspiration.
True story.

🗓️WHEN: Saturday 22nd June 2024, 10am-7pm

That's right - a WHOLE day of FLARE*-ness to soak up in the Summer sunshine. 

👯WHO: Business owners, creatives, wellness-lovers, self-development fanatics and rookies, are all welcome.

🎪WHAT: A community-fuelled event, with 13 rooms full of local talent, here to inspire & spoil you with:
💥Inspiring talks
💥Thought provoking workshops

💥Product stalls & demonstrations
💥Toe-tapping live music
💥Mindful movements
💥Lip smackingly good food
💥Alcohol free encouraged good times
💥Hands on creative classes
💥Panel discussions worth discussing
💥Captivating performances
💥Eye-opening meditations
💥Raffle prizes galore
+++ much MUCH more!

THE FINE PRINT: FLARE* is a wellness initiative run by one teeny tiny woman local Edinburgh lass with a passion for bringing people together and showcasing the local talent that Edinburgh has to offer! Please bear thing in mind when messaging etc.

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Meet Nico
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A colourful street in Edinburgh at dusk with traditional architecture and people walking along the pavement

“So, why should I attend?”🤷‍♀️


We’re so glad you asked.

If you’re looking to BREAK FREE of the limits that bind you – the suffocating four walls of sameness that
close you in.

If you’re looking to IGNITE connection with people – to be seen, heard, respected and supported.

If you’re looking to SPARK creativity – to swing open the doors and step into the world, open to
whatever inspiration strikes.

If you’re looking to BLAZE your own path, write your own story, take back control and do things that
light you up in side.

Then FLARE* Festival is for you. We’ve got your name in shining lights, your goals tattooed on our heart,
your dreams underneath our pillow and our hand outstretched ready to walk beside you in it all🫶🫶

Want to get involved?

Got something interesting to bring to the table? We're all about inclusivity at FLARE*, so we want whatever you're cooking!

There are a number of ways that you can spice things up at FLARE* fest:

🧘‍♀️Run a session: there are still some spots that need filling. And the way we see it, the more brilliance we have blaring around us, the better.


If you've got a business, a message, a story, a talent, a gift, or just a desire to inspire others, we want to
hear from you. We make space for anything and everyone; the weird, the wonderful, the whimsical and
the "what the f*cks!?"

🛍️Stalls: We have only one rule at FLARE*: whatever you're selling, it's gotta be inspiring. Bonus points if it’s of
benefit to others. Think things that make people feel good, their lives easier, they can share with someone else or that sends them home extra giddy.

Double bonus points if it’s something that is good for our good green Mama Earth.

🎁Sponsor:  As well as many many thanks and eyes of adoration, Sponsors of any kind will receive high exposure in the lead up to the festival, as well as on the day! 

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