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The Pants Are On

...and the gloves are off when it comes to negativity!

Welcome welcome welcome!

The fact that you have decided to take the time to pop on over here and read this, is not only a screaming proud moment for me, but also for yourself! This seemingly small action, is a conscious choice you have made, to inject some more positivity into your life and my aim is for this blog to do just that.

I wanted this first post to just be about us getting to know one another - I'll get the ball rolling and go first.

Hey, hi, hello! I'm Nico, and I believe my purpose is to play a part in spreading love, joy and positivity, especially now with everything that's currently going on throughout the world, and if I can even have the smallest impact on even one person, I will consider my part = played.

A few years before the "C" word took over our regular scheduled programming, I had already proactively began looking at ways to try and be more positive, to be the best version on myself, to pretty much go in the shower and come out a brand new sparkling happy person, but the "normal" life I was trying to change, kept getting in the way. How inconsiderate.

Fast forward to a fraction of the way into the new decade, and through no control of our own, we are forced to stay at home, protect the NHS (lol) and vigorously wash our hands an obscene amount of times through out the day. It was during this time, that I was given more opportunities to slow down and reconnect with what was important to me; self-development. Away from my constantly busy social calendar, I was able to ground down more with my routines and practises, that had once brought me to a place of calm, and had more time to research and discover content which I resonated with, and which helped me see life more through a lens of love instead of fear, and has ultimately guided me through what has been and still is, the most worryingly uncertain time our generation has faced.

Now, this is where you come in. I would love nothing more, than to share these tools and techniques I have learned and am still very much currently learning and processing, with you guys, so that you too can start to change your perceptions and navigate your way through difficult times with more positivity and love leading the way.

The content I will be posting will vary between my own personal experiences, stories and opinions, sources and links, inspirational people and pages to follow, good news stories and all round positive vibes to counteract any negativity that may seem like it's in full world domination mode - I promise you, it's not!

I'd also LOVE to hear from you all, with what type of things you'd like to read, if you have a page or business you would like to share and/or even guest bloggers, and would also be so so grateful for any feedback you would like to share. I want this to be a loving safe space for us all to come together and connect through our stories and common interest of chucking on our best pair of positive pants.

In the meantime, keep on keeping on,

Nico x

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