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Your story starts here📖

The only thing you should be cooking up in your life, is a big, tasty serving of whatever the f*ck you love most.


🧑‍🍳Slip on your favourite apron, turn on the oven and then throw away the recipe – we lead with passion in this kitchen. And our not so secret ingredient: connection.  

FLARE* Events & Meet-ups will give you the reality check you’ve been waiting for, the guidance you’ve been craving and the opportunity to learn from like-minded sous chefs who aren’t afraid of a little spice🌶️🌶️

Our Edinburgh-based community is a place of purpose. We help you navigate all things wellness, business and mindset, coaching you through life’s curveballs. Like finding yourself after grief and when you accidentally use salt instead of sugar. 

Douse your fears in lighter fluid, spark your potential, burn down your limits and watch the horizon

Alcohol-free Wellness Events & Meet-Ups for a community with BIG f*cking dreams.

All you need?






FLARE* Festival: Summer of LOVE☀️💝

22nd June 2024 | Summerhall, Edinburgh

Big dreams take big risks🎲

Not the dating a bass guitarist kind (that’s a been there done that lesson, thank you🤦‍♀️), but the step-out-of-your-limits-wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve-what-do-you-really-want kind.

The f*cking scary kind. 

The kind that makes a difference.

The thing no one ever tells you about fear is that it’s powerful – fuel to the flame that is your journey. We’ll teach you face it, fan it and control the outcome to something that serves you authentically in all aspects of 🔥life🔥

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Rules are made to be broken. So are limits.

Creativity doesn’t do well in a dark and small room. To let your ideas take shape you need to let in the light – fling open the doors of destiny and step into the big, bright world - four walls be damned! 👊

Right now you feel like you’re standing on the edge – on the first cobblestone of your great adventure, at the base of a mountain too big to climb, at the top of a slippery slope without the proper protective gear and no idea how to abseil down. 


That’s where I come in.

FLARE* founder Nico pictured in a heavily painted and graffitied underpass, wearing a sleeveless yellow top and bright blue trousers. She is a white woman with short hair and her arms are almost covered with delicate tattoos.
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