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Have you ever levitated above the ground, Criss Angel style? No?

Well, I’m a coach, not a gravity-bending magician, so I can’t grant you magical powers, but I can definitely help make each step towards your dream business feel a little lighter. I also can’t promise you squillions of pounds (I’m not that kind of coach either) but I can promise goal-getting ease. If you fancy levitating above your limits, doubts and fears, you might want to book me in for a chat. 

Tell your fears to GET F*CKED! We're working on the "festival glow stick" version of you.

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Pink orange yellow circle
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Meet Nico

You've stopped letting your fears and old beliefs rule you and instead let your f*cking light SHINE.

You run an impactful business that sets your whole world ALIGHT, free from doubts and "what if I fail?"

You wake up each morning with a full-bodied "F*CK YES, I CAN DO THIS!" doing what you love.

You eat, sleep, breathe and bathe in your own GLOWING brilliance and pay no attention to what others are doing.

You say "hell no" to old ways of thinking and scream "YES, MOTHER MAY I!?" to your wants, desires and dreams. (yo
u don't need your mummy's permission)

You grab every opportunity presented to you by the balls and RADIATE with confidence, passion and pure lust for life.

You fully embody the laser-guided SUNBEAM on legs you were born to be and everybody wants to bask in your awesome-ness.

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Look into your future with me...

3x 60 min diagnostic sessions 🩺

Ok, so, your business is doing well, but there's that "something" holding you back, you can't quite put your finger on what it is, but whatever it is, it's living rent free in your being and it got's to go. Let's bring it to the surface.

“I don’t want to all-in commit, but I am ready to dip my toes into being coached”

* You show me where it hurts and we look at it from all angles - no stones left unturned here. We'll explore how it started and when it feels at it's worst, so a diagnosis can be made and prescription written up.

* Together we'll get to the root of the block that's causing the  business boo-boos, better understanding it so you can begin to move past it at full speed. It won't see you for dust.

What you get: 3x 60 min power hours of smoking out the fear from hiding + recordings of each session and tools & resources to continue the work yourself.

Warning: excess smoke exposure will drive out the doubts taking up space in your work place, leaving room to expand.


3 month container of 6x 90 min or 9x 1 hour of full blown investigation sessions 🔎


You're at ground zero of your small biz quest; either not long off the mark, or looking to cross the line into that next level. But there's an elephant-sized road block between you and the business of your dreams. 

"I really want to start, but I can't get there, I don't know how to move forward."

* We diagnosis the source of the pain point, then go straight into open surgery to repair/remove the blockages, before finely stitching up the wound and catapulting you into your brightest, shiniest & fullest potential

* Equal amounts of being challenged and supported, to face old patterns and limiting beliefs, together creating empowering actions to break down the barriers that are stopping you from getting to your desired destination. You'll be behind the wheel, I'll be navigating in the passenger seat and turning up the tunes!

What you get: 6x 90 min or 9x 1 hour breakthrough inducing calls over 3 months + recordings of each session. Pre-recorded meditations, work sheets, resources, actions steps, direct contact throughout via WhatsApp & voice notes and a Human Design for Dummies call.

Warning: fears will be obliterated in a fiery blaze, leaving nothing but a confident, go-getting Phoenix, rising from the ashes; business owner addition.


Saw something you liked? Fancy = tickled?
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1x 90 min problem-busting session 🧠

You're already a trailblazing, badass business owner, but you've got an annoying out-of-reach-itch that's got a hold of your full attention... lemme scratch that for you!

​“I know I can do this, but I just need some help figuring this 1 thing out.”

* You bring one particular problem to the session that's getting in the way of you producing your magic; I'm parked in the procrastination station, I have all the ideas but no gears to get moving, I'm stuck on the comparison carousel and want to get off!

* We'll work through this together with a good mix of coaching & mentoring, going straight for the jugular and ending the call one problem lighter (I got 99 problems but letting my genius flow ain't one)

What you get: 90 powerful minutes of problem solving ease, a recording of the session and any resources/tools discussed.

Warning: may send idea sparks flying and cause a burning sensation to take immediate action in your biz.

“I went into the session with Nico with a fair amount of self-judgement and if I’m being honest, scepticism that her coaching would shift my internal landscape and give me what I needed. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Nico's coaching is a unique combination of challenge, insight and compassionate playfulness. She holds space beautifully and really listens. I came out with the solution to my challenge, a new way of relating to myself and a feeling of lightness.”


~ Georgia Taylor Foster, life coach

"It can be easy to be aware of your present actions and reflect on and learn from them, but taking the time to understand your roots; the reasons for your behaviours; the blocks that are stopping you from reaching your full potential; the ‘why’ of the ‘what’; that’s where you truly grow, and that’s where Nico comes in. The deeper awareness of myself that Nico helped me access was an extraordinary and life-shifting experience."


~ Emily MacPherson, Your Yoga with Em

"I was overwhelmed with the experience as I got to some places within myself that I hadn't explored before. With Nico's help, I was able to have some clear direction and motivation to where I wanted my career to head. Nico's genuine desire to help people navigate their stories and find fulfilment is undeniable."

~ Zoe Paterson, graphic designer

But dont just take my word for it...

"She's basically a modern day superhero!"

"Working with Nico was such an INCREDIBLE and empowering experience. She helped me get clear on what my end goal was and guided me along the path to get there. In each session I felt supported and listened to, and knew that Nicole genuinely cared about what I had to say. She asked all the right questions and got me thinking deeply about the transformation I wanted to see within myself. After our sessions I felt so inspired and ready to take action. Nico played a huge part in my personal growth journey and I can't thank her enough for that. She's basically a modern day superhero!"

Katie, Little Steps to Happiness

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(no animals were harmed during the writing of these testimonials)

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